telephone There was a time when the only way to manage your church's information was to install a program on your church's computer, and everyone in the office used that computer to access donation records, phone numbers, etc. Of course, what that really meant was that the church secretary did it all, and everyone else had to ask her for information.

With office networks, things got a little better. Now you could install the software on everyone's computer, and the only time you had to call the secretary for information was when you weren't in the office. Of course, in exchange, you had to learn about networks and servers and firewalls; and someone's computer (the server) had to be on all the time if anyone wanted to access the data.

Thankfully, the world has changed. Unfortunately, most Church Management packages haven't changed with it. You still install software on your church's network; you still have to know about firewalls and servers. You still have to manage your own backups. But this is the age of the cloud, when data can be available anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a computer or smartphone connected to the Internet. mypeoplematter brings the world of the cloud to Church Management software.

With mypeoplematter, you install no software on your local computer. Your data is not on your church's network. secure Because of this, you can access your information anytime, anywhere, instantly. Your smart phone is automatically connected to your church management software. Need a phone number? Find a web-connected computer, log on, and get it. Use your smart phone, and you can tap the number to have your phone call it. Need an address? Look it up on your tablet computer, tap the map link, and have it sent to the GPS app on your tablet. It's that easy.

But web-based means more than just instant data access. It also means that there are no upgrades to install annually. Because the software runs in a web browser, there is no software on your church's computers. This also means that there are no annual costs for new versions of the software. You pay a monthly subscription fee based on the size of your church, and that is all. Upgrades come for free, and they happen all the time! Whenever mypeoplematter adds a feature to the website, you get it right away, with nothing to install and nothing to change. You fire up your browser, and the upgrade is there!

There are other benefits to a web-based software package as well. Collaboration becomes easier, as two people can access the same information even though very far apart. As the notion of cloud computing continues to grow, more and more tools will become available for using your data in ways no has has thought of yet, and mypeoplematter will be right there, providing you the ability to make the most out of your investment in the software and facilitating more effective ministry.

Finally, your data is safer. secure Because mypeoplematter is serious about protecting your data, we have invested in all of the necessary tools to protect it. And because we have regular on- and off-site backups, even a disaster will not destroy it. You can be confident when you entrust your people to mypeoplematter, because they matter to us as well.

Browser Support

Since mypeoplematter runs in the browser, it becomes important to know which browser to use. The good news is that the software runs well in every modern browser. We recommend FireFox, a browser from the Mozilla Foundation. FireFox is fast, secure and free. If you are not running FireFox and would like to try it, you can use the link below to download a copy. The good news is, if you don't like it, you can easily switch back to the browser you are currently using.

For best performance, you should use a browser from the following list:

The software also runs well on the browsers built in to smart phones and tablet computers. We are working on developing a mobile site that will make it even easier to use mypeoplematter on smartphones. In the meantime, the web site works well, it is just a little large for some smaller device screens.

Netscape. Please be aware that mypeoplematter does not run on any version of the Netscape browser. If you are currently using Netscape, we suggest that you install FireFox as well. You can continue to use Netscape as needed and use FireFox for everything else.

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