If my information is on the internet, is it really secure?

You can rest assured that your information is secure. mypeoplematter has servers that utilitize state-of-the-art technologies to keep prying eyes away from your data. These include firewalls, anti-virus, secure backups, and data sandboxes, all of which mean that once your data is on our servers, only software from mypeoplematter and its partners can see it.

Further, once you press the Enter site button, we use the industry-standard secure web protocol https to send all of your data over the internet. Using https means that even if someone is trying to read your data, they cannot.

But you have lots of customers. Can they see my data?

Absolutely not! Customer-level security is architected in to the very core of the mypeoplematter software. Every time the web site goes to retrieve information, it verifies that the person requesting the information is associated with your account, meaning that it is not possible for anyone else to see your information.

But what about my people? Can I control who sees what once they have logged on?

Certainly. mypeoplematter uses role-based security, meaning that when you give someone access, you indicate at that time what roles they will act in. Are they allowed to see everyone's demographic data? Can they make changes to other people's data? Can they see sensitive donation data? Can they enter donations? These sorts of questions are answered when you setup a new access account, and those rules are enforced throughout the web site.

What about hackers? Can somebody break in?

No one can ever guarantee that no hacker will ever gain access to their network. This is the nature of our world. But mypeoplematter has taken great pains to do everything possible to deflect efforts to hack into our system. In addition to those items detailed above, we also have taken steps to make it difficult for hackers to steal login information. By using email addresses as logins rather than usernames, mypeoplematter offers a simple form of multi-factor authentication. The term is technical, but it simply refers to the idea that in order to log in, you have to have something other than a password. In the case of our web site, you have to have an email account. When your account is first set up, you are emailed a password. This simple step ensures that the email address is valid, and that you are using it. Once you log in, any changes to your password result in a notification message sent to your email address. As long as you secure your email account, you can be sure that no one is using your account without your knowledge.

You store my credit card information for billing purposes. Is that really safe?

We use a credit card processing company named Accelerated Payment Technologies to handle our credit card processing. The credit card information is actually stored on their servers, which are certified as PCI-compliant. This certification is your best guarantee that your credit card information is secure. mypeoplematter does not ever touch your credit card information, relying totally on the PCI-compliant servers at Accelerated.

What about my bank information if I choose ACH payment?

Here, we use a highly-reputed check processing company named ACHeck21 to process the ACH payments. While check processing systems are not required to meet PCI-compliance standards, ACHeck21 follows all industry best practices, and has never had a compromise of their database systems.