Group Management

It is the connections between people that make life richer. If you are a church, you know that people are more likely to stay if they get involved in small groups or ministry teams; if you have a not-for-profit, you know it is the departments and teams that really make your organization work. mypeoplematter offers an ever-expanding collection of tools to help you communicate with and manage your teams.

groups screen shot
At the heart of mypeoplematter's group tools is the Groups home page. Here you are given a list of all of the groups, departments and mailing lists that you have set up. Simply click on one of the names to get to the page where you can add people to the group, send emails, take attendance, schedule events, pretty much anything you need to do with a group. And the list of groups is entirely at your discretion. You can set them up however you want, in whatever structure makes most sense for you.

Communicating with groups is easy as well. mypeoplematter has built-in tools for emailing and printing mailing labels. In addition, the flexible exporting feature allows you to connect to external tools, such as mail merge or Constant Contact to enable even more sophisticated communication.

If you are a medium-sized church, you know how important it is to protect the children who attend your children's church and nursery facilities. mypeoplematter has check-in and check-out tools to help you to make sure that you know which children are under your care.

The Groups feature is also where you build mailing lists. A churches might have a prayer chain, a food bank might have a list of team leaders, a pre-school might have a list of all parents. Whatever the purpose, building a mailing list is easy in mypeoplematter. Create a new group (perhaps under a department named Mailing Lists), give it a name, and start adding people. As members come and go, just return to the group page for the mailing list and add or subtract them. If you change someone's primary email address, the group will automatically pick up the correct one the next time you send out a mass email. If someone in the group doesn't have an email address, the software will let you know that as well and you can look for an alternate means of communicating. Because mypeoplematter has its own mail servers, you can email 500 people as easily as you can 1 person. And because we run regular virus checks on our computers, you can rest assured that your emails will be safe.