donation entry form It is a necessary part of what you do. Donations from the people who believe in your organization are critical to your ongoing success. And mypeoplematter provides easy and secure tools for managing donations. Our simple data entry form makes entry a snap. Easy keyboard shortcuts mean that you can get through the entire process without ever touching the mouse, significantly shortening the time required.

Designated funds are handled for you in an intuitive manner. You set up the fund list once, and then indicate the designation when you enter a contribution. If a single donation is to be split among several funds, you can make the split when you enter the item. And if you are using our accounting package, these funds will be correctly transferred into that system, making tracking these donations easier than ever.

donation entry form Once you have entered all of the donations, you can review them using our sortable donation report. Along with a list of every donation, it provides quick summaries of the total amounts by fund and by payment type. Each item in the list of transactions can be modified by clicking on the edit button to the right. The list can be sorted by name, by amount or by entry order, making it easy to review the list and fix data entry errors. A tape register lists all of the checks by number and amount, so you can take it to your bank when you make the deposit.

Individual reporting is easy as well. For a quick lookup, mypeoplematter offers an individual giving report, customizable by date. For regular giving statements, mypeoplematter's giving statement page allows you to quickly produce statements for a whole year, half a year or a quarter. The statements are produced in an PDF file, so you can save it or print it as you need. And if you would like to save paper, stamps and time, you have the option of sending some or all of your giving statements via email. Because the giving statements are in a file, you can archive them easily without wasting paper. mypeoplematter's giving statements meet all of the applicable IRS requirements, saving you from one more headache.