Contact management

mypeoplematter provides you the ability to easily manage information about your people. But even more, we make it easier to find and use the information. Because the data is always on the web secure you can lookup a phone number, email address, or physical address anytime you are near a web-connected computer. And with support for smart phones via our slimmed-down mobile site, you can even get that information when you aren't near a computer.

quick lookup When you need a quick reference to a person (say to make a phone call), the home page has a quick lookup feature. Type in any portion the person's name, and a list is populated with everyone who matches. Select the correct person from the list, and you are immediately given their primary email address, phone number and mailing address. Need more details? The full data page for the person and household is one click away.

Data entry is easy. All of the information about a person is changed from a single page. You see their picture (if you have uploaded one), and all of the contact information. Not only that, but you are only one click away from the other members of their household. Mentioning households, mypeoplematter allows you to enter information that is shared by the entire household (home address is a great example), and that information is readily available for each member of the household.

email editor mypeoplematter offers a rich email editor right from the web site. Click on any email address and you are taken the the email page where you can compose the email and send it off. No need to switch to your email program. Just click and send real HTML emails.

mypeoplematter is integrated with Google Maps to provide you easy lookup of addresses via the web. Every address has a globe icon next to it. Click on the icon, and you are taken immediately to a map showing the location. Then, using the well-known Google maps interface, you can get driving directions, upload to your GPS, or email the address and map.

One of the great benefits of using mypeoplematter is that your information is no longer tied to your local network. All of your data is on the internet, and you can access it anywhere with just your username and password. But sometimes you need a paper directory, and we offer great support for printing and emailing directories.