Communication (now with texting!)

Keeping in touch is easy with mypeoplematter. The preferred mode of contact is email or texting - no paper, no stamps and almost instant communication. But you aren't limited to electronic technologies. You can build mailing labels from addresses, you can export address information for use in tools like Constant Contact, or you can look up a phone number and make a call. It's all easier with mypeoplematter because the contact information is always there when you are at your computer or smart phone.

email editor mypeoplematter's built-in HTML email editor makes building rich emails a snap. Add color and type styles to your emails, and send them to mailing lists or groups with just a few clicks of the mouse. Our mail servers handle the hard work of sending the email to the entire group, and we take care to protect the identities of your recipients by not using unsafe bulk send techniques. You send it to the group, each person gets their own copy. And if some of your people prefer to receive texts, mypeoplematter handles that as well. You indicate the preference and set the cell phone carrier for their primary phone number. When you create an email, the web site automatically builds a text from the message and sends it instead. You set it up, and we do the work.

If you want to do more than the website provides, you can easily export your data for use in other programs. With just a few clicks you can format a group of addresses for mail merge, or for a 3rd party contact tool. And our export tools let you remember formats, so you don't have to start from scratch every time.