mypeoplematter provides a complete, easy-to-use cash accounting system. The accounting system allows you to quickly and easily bundle your donations into a deposit, to enter bills, checks and credit card charges, and to track income and expenses against easily-configured budgets.

What is a cash accounting system? A cash accounting system is a system which income is not counted until it is received and expenses are not counted until they are actually paid. This is the standard method used by most churches, not-for-profits, and even small businesses. To an accountant, it means that you do not have an accounts payable or accounts receivable account in your chart of accounts. By only providing a cash system, mypeoplematter simplifies your accounting, since you don't have to work around a lot of features you don't need.

What about designated funds? mypeoplematter allows you to set up as many designated funds as you need, and tracks income and expenses by fund. Our approach is simpler than that found in most accounting packages; once set up it allows you to treat designated funds as normal income and expense accounts, pushing designated donations into the correct fund when you enter them. The setup is even simple; you simply tell us the name of your fund and the software will do all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

The mypeoplematter accounting system was developed by a team with many years experience in church accounting. The primary developer worked as a church administrator for over a decade, and the accounting firm that has reviewed the system has a large base of church and not-for-profit clients, so you can rest assured that the system meets all the appropriate legal and practical requirements, as well as being easy-to-use. We understand the needs of small churches and not-for-profits, and our accounting system allows you to get the job done without having to understand a lot of technical accounting information. The expertise of the mypeoplematter team becomes your accounting expertise - you enter the data, and we make sure you have the reports and information you need when you need it.

If you need an accountant, you can either use your own, or you can request a consultation with an accountant from Jenner and Darling, our consulting accountants, guaranteeing that you get the best advice at the lowest cost.

Like every feature of mypeoplematter, security secure is built-in to the accounting system. You can rest assured that your data is as safe from hackers as we can make it, and that no other customer of mypeoplematter will accidentally see your private data.