What is mypeoplematter?

mypeoplematter is church management software in a web site. mypeoplematter offers easy-to-use contact management, group organization, and donation tracking, all without installing any software on your computer. You can also keep your accounting records on the site using an accounting package designed by people who understand the specific needs of churches.

mypeoplematter is not just for churches. The web site has been designed with any not-for-profit organization in mind. If you need a simple way to track the people in your organization, then this product is for you.

mypeoplematter is simple to use. It focuses on the core needs of smaller churches and organizations. But simple doesn't mean powerless. The web site has all the tools you need to track donations, build directories, and stay in contact with your people.

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Looking for the online video tutorials? You can find them here.

What's new? Check out the new search feature and smart groups. Now you can define groups by what they have in common, rather than having to list each individual member. The feature is in beta and still gaining features, but we are excited by what it offers.

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